We need to talk.


We are so sorry for not posting any new news for a while. And we feel that we haven't introduced us to you so here it goes..

We are two girls from Sweden that decided to make a blogg and help other TH fans to know what the boys were up to. We posted news, and took breaks on holidays. Then we were in year 8. Now we are in year 9, the last year in Swedish primary school. And we have a lot to do. We have really much homework and to be straight with you guys, we haven't had the time or any energy to update this site. Sometimes on week-ends we find some time, but then we get really stressed and it doesn't end up well anyways. 

We will continue with the site and try to find spare time to update, but just for you to know why we haven't updated. Sometimes it goes days, week or months without any news. 

We hope that you'll understand that we are really stressed and school always comes first. 

Hugs and Kisses!

Hanna & Ica 


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