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Bill in wax

Bill Kaulitz Gets Waxed ... Permanently!

Buzznet: Bill Kaulitz Gets Waxed ... Permanently! Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz has received one of the wackiest-yet-highest honors ... his own wax figure at Madame Tussads in Berlin, Germany. According to MTV News, the wax figure was released for public viewing on Tuesday and is 'rocking a cropped leather jacket, a chain-link-and-leather choker and black fingernails.' Unfortunately, none of the other band members received this honor, although I am sure they will have fun taking ridiculous photos with it.With all the frenzy surrounding the band, it seems as if every girl wants a piece of Mr. Kaulitz and every boy wants to be him. (...)


Don't you think his eyes looks a bit weird??

Bill Kaulitz - Madame Tussuad, Berlin

RTL Exclusiv - 24.09.08

Bill Out With His Girlfriend?

I myself am quite sure that he doesnt have ha girlfriend, but here are two articles about it. Do you think its true or not?

Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz in a nightclub for the birthday of his girlfriend Ilayda?

The rumour of the love story between Bill Kaulitz and Ilayda Gecim, a German teen of Turkish origin, restarts! Moving on to a love story! Denise, a fan of Tokio Hotel, has alerted us about the lovers going out to a nightclub in Berlin this weekend. The young Ilayda has celebrated her birthday in the past few days, it's party time!

Imagine that for your next birthday Bill Kaulitz invites you to go to a nightclub with the whole group! What would you think? And your friends?

Right now, Tokio Hotel are in Berlin to record their third album in studio.

Once again we thank Denise, a faithful reader, who alerted us about the existence of this famous Ilayda. See: Bill Kaulitz and his little friend! (translation below)

Thanks to the internet, Tokio Hotel fans react quickly. Don't hesitate on writing to us if you have some news to be published.

We welcome you to be a part of the news association "Tokio Hotel's Verband" (Tokio Hotel's Union), started on August 22nd by Gaelle, Noemie, Rachel, Amandie and Adeline. Good luck for them who want to develop Tokio Hotel's community. To contact them:

Let's not forget that a group without news is a group that's dying! So, it doesn't matter if we're mean now and then! ;)

Second article:

Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel has a little friend of Turkish origin.

There's a rumour all over the internet, and a Turkish reader of staragora who's in love with Bill Kaulitz and Tokio Hotel told us about it: Denise, 16 years old.

According to her, Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel has been going out with Ilayda Gecim. She lives in Berlin but her origins are Turkish. She's 15 years old. The rumour started in 2007: Bill Kaulitz and Ilayda had probably met at an award event, "Comet 07". They were seen holding hands outside a club.

According to Denise, many of girls posed as the young Ilayda at blogs or forums, mostly Teemix and Ladiz... Denise says that's not Bill's little friend: Ilayda can't speak French. (...)

Bill's VMA glove

VMA - Bill


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Tokio Hotel talks fashion - Bill’s piercing

Nice video with Bill!!

Made by lilmisswisebrown

Madame Tussauds

Just read that it seems like Bill Kaulitz is going to become a waxdoll and live in Madame Tusseu...

From an old Bravo magazine

Bill in a plane

Beautiful picture of Bill

sent to by JoseJoseJose

Bill St. Paul!

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Shiit! Thats BIG!

Teenmag day 10!

Bill's Tour Blog - Part 2

Bill ponders life on the road
Bill ponders life on the road

Hi everyone!
Today we had a day off in Chicago and it was gorgeous. But let's start from the beginning - at the Detroit show and the Oakland signing session at Hot Topic. Well, the show in Detroit was awesome since the venue there was really beautiful and the fans were just incredible...we couldn't ask for anything better!

the day after the show we departed on our tour bus for Oakland where we met our fans in one of the Hot Topic stores in a mall. The employees at the store were at least as astounded as we at how many fans came out to the signing - it was huge!

To me these signing sessions are always something very special because we get to meet the fans face-to-face and hear so many of their stories, they tell us what moves them and also share their feelings. This is truly inspirational and I get so many ideas for our new songs from that - thanks so much for all of that!

after the in-store we headed towards Chicago. Georg and Tom talked pretty much the whole way about the who was the sweetest girl or whose number they'd love to have - such dreamers they are sometimes! A highlight on the drive to Chicago was a stop at one of the supermarkets! The bus dropped us right in front of the entrance and I have to tell you: I love these gigantic supermarkets - they just have everything you want, including my favourite sweets, all the fruit you can dream of and even birdhouses - seriously, they carry birdhouses... crazy! On top of that they didn't even have a cashier - all I bought I had to scan myself at a station where I also had to pay...but you'll get all the inside scoop about this little supermarket adventure on Tokio Hotel TV soon!

Shortly thereafter we finally arrived in Chicago where we had a day off! As usual we slept in really late but I also wanted to explore the city, which is why we got up particularly early - at 3pm. Gustav had already gone out long before and Georg refused to get up so I had to bug Tom until he finally said he would join me to check out the city! Downtown Chicago was gorgeous - the sun was shining and it had this summer flair that put everyone in a great mood! Chicago as a city seems just perfect - it was a mix of these huge buildings like you see in NYC and the summer flair you experience in L.A., which is basically a perfect mix! Tom and I grabbed a coffee and pretty much explored the city for the rest of the day - Tom was like a tourist the whole time since he took pictures of everything. At the end of the day we visited a cool restaurant on the beach and enjoyed the sunset while having dinner...absolutely WICKED day!!!

That's it for now...
Take care,

Teenmag day 5!

Sorry for the delay but couldn't view it yesterday

Little Known Facts About: Bill

Name: Bill
Age: 18
Sign: Virgo
Date of Birth: September 1, 1989
Birthplace: Leipzig, Germany
What's the first thing I do every morning? Take a shower.
Favorite dish: Pasta!
Must-Visit Website: I don't have one in particular but check out ;-)
Favorite TV Show these days: Scrubs.
About my tattoos: I have three. The first one is on the back of my neck and it shows the Tokio Hotel logo. The next one is a star which I designed myself and I have it tattooed in my lower stomach area. The last one is on my left arm and it says "Freiheit 89". The word "Freiheit" is German and in English it means "Freedom". I basically got this tattoo because freedom has always been the most important thing to me. The number 89 is included because that's the year I was born. This last tattoo I got on my 18th birthday which is a very special one in Germany - when you turn 18 you are officially an adult so you can do whatever you're finally free!
Junk food I love: Pizza.
When I try to eat healthy I pick: Salad.
My childhood celebrity crush was: Nena (German singer).
Recently I was surprised by: Our performance in New Jersey.
The cereal in my cupboard: Corn Flakes.
Heaven on earth is: A deserted island.
For dinner I like to make: Noodles with ketchup, cream & mustard.
My coolest article of clothing: The jacket I designed for our European tour.
When friends come over we: Watch DVDs.
Before I die I want to:
Play the biggest show ever!
When I'm on tour I have to have: My 10 suitcases!
People would be surprised that I am: Such a family guy.
If someone gave me a million bucks tomorrow I'd: Go on a REALLY long vacation!

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