We need to talk.


We are so sorry for not posting any new news for a while. And we feel that we haven't introduced us to you so here it goes..

We are two girls from Sweden that decided to make a blogg and help other TH fans to know what the boys were up to. We posted news, and took breaks on holidays. Then we were in year 8. Now we are in year 9, the last year in Swedish primary school. And we have a lot to do. We have really much homework and to be straight with you guys, we haven't had the time or any energy to update this site. Sometimes on week-ends we find some time, but then we get really stressed and it doesn't end up well anyways. 

We will continue with the site and try to find spare time to update, but just for you to know why we haven't updated. Sometimes it goes days, week or months without any news. 

We hope that you'll understand that we are really stressed and school always comes first. 

Hugs and Kisses!

Hanna & Ica 


We are sorry about the bad updates. I know we've said this like a hundred times but it's just this way. School comes first so that's why it might be slow here. But now there isn't as much going on..

So I hope you continue to come here because you never know when we've bombed this place the loads of news ;)

Lots of love Ica & Hanna

Hello :]


We are sorry that there hasn't been a lot of news up lately, we have our reasons. First of all school, then there is also not that much about them now when they are in the studio...

Hope it's okay with you guys ;]

TokioHotelSwe, Ica & Hanna


This weekend there will not be any updates since we are kinda being at a party or something

xx Ica & Hanna

Sorry once again!!

We are really not happy about how late all the news is getting posted but now Hanna is really sick and Im half sick and lots to do in school so be calm it will soon be back to normal, Im planning to get the place all up to date tomorrow!!
Hope to see you here then!!

XX Ica

Sorry... =S

Sorry for the lame update! We have loads of homework and right now school is very important to us. Tomorrow is a very busy day too, but maybe if we get some free time we'll post some news

sleep tight!


Little Reminder


Tomorrow is our first day at school, which means that the blog won't be updated while we're there (daah =P) And Ica is at the moment in Greece (that lucky pie!) She usually updates in the morning, while I cant do that (my computer is too slow xD) so there won't be any updates until I come home. But on monday, Ica is home and everything will go back to normal. 

...Hugs and Kisses



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Willkommen in Tokio Hotel!

Welcome to our second blog about the german band Tokio Hotel. We are two girls from Sweden, 15 years old.

We started blogging about Tokio Hotel in April on bloggagratis.se. After some discussion we decided to move the blog to blogg.se. 

We also have a piczo page (tokiohotelswe.piczo.com).

That's about it for now, if you got any questions, just comment or send an email to: tokiohotelswe@gmail.com

See ya

Hanna & Ica

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