Tokio Hotel: Is Gustav forgotten?

"Tokio Hotel" Gustav was seen with a pretty blonde.

Tokio Hotel is currently one of the most successful groups from Germany. At every international awards creams the guys to front man Bill Kaulitz countless prices. But her private life is not much reported. Supposedly all the guys are single.

Tokio Hotel and the women

A few weeks ago betrayed front man Bill, that he eagerly wants a girlfriend. Gustav - his band colleague and drummer of the band - it seems to be one step ahead. Indeed, according to the Bild-Zeitung, Gustav was in Los Angeles next to a pretty blonde. The two seemed very familiar, comfortably ran through the streets of the American metropolis. One can therefore eager to see whether it develops something ...


VMA - Gustav

Happy birthday!!

Just saying happy bithday to Gustav!!

(You've still got time to send us and video greeting or letter you choose)

Gustav 20!!

Dont forget that's Gustav's birthday on monday!!!

To send you card/email here is the addresses!



Tokio Hotel
c/o Universal
Stralauer Allee 1
D-10245 Berlin

And if you want to you can send a video with you wishes to Gustav to us and we'll post it here on his birthday ;)
Email us at:

Gusti wild ;)

20th Birthday Present for Gustav

Your birthday wishes for Gustav!
As you all know, on 8 September Gustav will turn 20. Reason enough for the us as official fanclub to start a birthday action, where we ask you to get your mobile phone, camera or webcam on your pc and record your birthday wish for Gustav. We will put all the birthday wishes together on a disc, that we will give to Gustav.

How should your entry look?
You can record something alone or with friends. You can sing, read a poem or just say your wishes, whatever you always wanted to say. Please keep in mind that your entry can be no longer then 30 seconds, otherwise it won't be on the CD.

How do I send my entry?
The file with your message should be MP3, OGG or WMA, and size of the file can't be larger then 1 Megabyte. An everage message of 30 seconds should be about 500 kilobyte. You can send you file until 5 September 2008 through email to:
This email is protected against spam-bots, you have to activate javascript to make sure it comes through.


Teenmag day 7! Gustav talks!

Little Known Facts About: Gustav


Name: Gustav
Sign: Virgo
Date of Birth: September8, 1988
Birthplace: Magdeburg, Germany
What's the first thing I do every morning? Have breakfast!
Favorite dish: Ribs with boiled potatoes plus carrots & peas on the side!
About my tattoos: I've have tattoos in two spots - first one is on my upper back. It shows two wings and in between them there is a sword and a laurel twig that cross. My second tattoo is a shooting star, which I have on my right arm.
Junk food I love: Cheeseburgers.
When I try to eat healthy: Bananas.
My childhood celebrity crush was: Carmen Electra.
Recently I was surprised by: The way my destiny worked out!
The cereals in my cupboard are: I don't eat cereal at all.
Heaven on earth is: My family.
For dinner I like to make: Potato casserole.
My coolest article of clothing: My Air Max Nikes.
When friends come over we: Watch movies.
Before I die I want to: Have climbed Mt. Everest.
When I'm on tour I have to have: My laptop and mobile phones with me.
If someone gave me a million bucks tomorrow I'd: Buy a beautiful house for my family and myself!

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