Bill Out With His Girlfriend?

I myself am quite sure that he doesnt have ha girlfriend, but here are two articles about it. Do you think its true or not?

Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz in a nightclub for the birthday of his girlfriend Ilayda?

The rumour of the love story between Bill Kaulitz and Ilayda Gecim, a German teen of Turkish origin, restarts! Moving on to a love story! Denise, a fan of Tokio Hotel, has alerted us about the lovers going out to a nightclub in Berlin this weekend. The young Ilayda has celebrated her birthday in the past few days, it's party time!

Imagine that for your next birthday Bill Kaulitz invites you to go to a nightclub with the whole group! What would you think? And your friends?

Right now, Tokio Hotel are in Berlin to record their third album in studio.

Once again we thank Denise, a faithful reader, who alerted us about the existence of this famous Ilayda. See: Bill Kaulitz and his little friend! (translation below)

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Second article:

Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel has a little friend of Turkish origin.

There's a rumour all over the internet, and a Turkish reader of staragora who's in love with Bill Kaulitz and Tokio Hotel told us about it: Denise, 16 years old.

According to her, Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel has been going out with Ilayda Gecim. She lives in Berlin but her origins are Turkish. She's 15 years old. The rumour started in 2007: Bill Kaulitz and Ilayda had probably met at an award event, "Comet 07". They were seen holding hands outside a club.

According to Denise, many of girls posed as the young Ilayda at blogs or forums, mostly Teemix and Ladiz... Denise says that's not Bill's little friend: Ilayda can't speak French. (...)

Posted by: TokioHotelLuvr

omfg does anybody know if this is real? and if it is, can u email me to confirm at and tell me y u think its true?

2008-09-17 @ 22:49:07

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