TH Sponsored by "Iron Fist" - The Complete Story Behind It All!

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Some of you might have heard of the whole Iron Fist thing,
but now that the guys are actually being seen on their page it..s time for us to drop it for real =)

Lets take it from the beginning. This is what it..s about and how it all begun:

I emailed Iron Fist (a clothing brand Bill has been wearing ALOT lately in the US)
and informed them that Bill have been wearing their clothing for quite some time now,
and thought that they would want to know about it.

As I suspected, they had no knowledge of this,
and they were VERY happy to know about it!

They asked me if Bill or any other member would want to have more clothing from the brand,
and if so; they could have it.

So I contacted some ppl to ask if the band would want any more clothing from the brand, and they told me that; Yes, of course they want to =)

So now the cooperation is working on smoothly between Iron and TH.

So now when you can also see them on the Iron Fist Official Homepage, I thought it would be time to tell you the whole story!

Please visit the Homepage to check it all out:


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