Super Pop nr.340, translated

Tokio Hotel
So will be the new CD!

Yes, it's true! Tokio Hotel are about to release their third album! Check what we found out... Yaay!
We were so excited to tell you this new! After Schrei and Zimmer 483 (both with English versions), the four boys are already working hard on the third album!!! And they promise to not disappoint us...

Sometimes a bad thing brings a good one...
This couldn't be more right... and Tokio Hotel know that well!!! You might remember that Bill had to stay four weeks non-speaking, after his throat surgery... Those were pretty hard days for him and for the band, and they even had to cancel many concerts (including the one in Lisbon). But it was also during that period that Bill started to write new songs, daily!! That period brought him a lot of inspiration, made him think a lot about life and, since he couldn't speak... he wrote! It was that moment of forced break what allowed the born of Tokio Hotel's «new baby»!

Other inspirations!
When they got back on the stages (with the european and american tour), Bill continued on writting... Visiting new countries and meeting different people also brought him so much inspiration! «Bill comes constantly to me with new ideas for songs», says their manager and producer David Jost. «I think that Bill's lyrics are mostly a mix of missing things. We wished to be at home and, at the same time, he always wants to move on.» How sweet...

Little notes!
Bill is constantly having ideas for lyrics and musics, and he write them immediately. «Bill fills up with lyrics each blank space on a piece of paper, that he keeps in his pocket. Mostly of them have an hotel logo on it. He's a little chaotic and has already lost some of this papers. But, unfortunately, he's not interested on writting the ideas on his laptop» says David Jost. Each one works at his own way, lol!

New style!
We also found out that Tokio Hotel are thinking about changing their style a bit. «I want to include songs with new influences and surprise people», Tom said. How cool!!!

[Red Box] Faithful to the origins They're singing in German again
Tokio Hotel are super happy with their success in the USA and in Europe, but they want to keep faithful to their origins and they'll continue on singing in German. Even because it's with the mother tongue that Bill writes better and the fans identify themselves with the songs in German. «The fans want to be as close as possible to Bill. So, they want to understand the texts in German», says the band manager.


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