The dark side of success

The dark side of success

It is not all gold that glitters. Tokio Hotel is also annoyed of some sites of their celebrity life.

For three years, they are under constant observation. Whether on holiday on the Maldives, the stroll through Paris or in front of every hotel in the world. Wherever Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (21) stay, paparazzi are not far, an photoflash-storm goes down to the guys. Not always to the delight of the four, as they betrayed BRAVO.

What do you hate in your life as a star?

BILL: The positive outweighs the course. But I hate it, that we don't have any private stuff. And the badest thing are the paparazzi!

TOM: For us, it's important, to protect the life of our family and freinds. They have nothing to do with our job. If we are with them, it's bad for us, especially when paparazzi appear.

BILL: You have to be truly an evil man, to be a paparazzi. I hate them.

Thereby, you have luck here in Germany - here are paparazzi harmless.

TOM: That's true. In other countries it's really harder. In France and America are the paparazzi the most glaring.

What is annoying you?

BILL: Sometimes, everything it too much for me. Then I lie in the bed and think: "I can't anymore!" Then I will simply not stand up, can't laugh for a shooting into the camera or inspire people. I feel as if someone have to help me. Because I totally lacking self-confidence and I simply want a break.

TOM: Sometimes I have homesickness.

GEORG: When I'm long on the road, I miss my family. And then, sometimes I get a bad mood.

BILL: I get oftener sich. And if I'm away from home, is this terrible. Then I'm missing Germany totally. I'm also sad, when I'm alone in the hotel room. As much as I love it, to be with the band on the road - in hotel rooms I'm really sentimental. I can't even say exactly why. But then I wish myself into my own bed. While Tom would never admit it, but I bet he is sometimes sad. At the latest, when his hotel room acquaintances are gone again.

TOM: I also miss often the german toilet paper. (laughs). If we are at the end of the world, we're really looking forward to coming home ...

You have to live with many scandals and rumors. How do you handle with it?

BILL: Mostly we know it before, what there will be. Sooner, when we had dinner at the club, we knew exactly what there will be at the next day in the newspaper: "Teenagers drink alcohol. How can they be a role model?!"

TOM: Or something like: "Tom sits alone at the table - separates the band?", is also very popular.

GUSTAV: Or: "Bill looks sad - does he have depressions?"

TOM: Everything, that people, who never know us personally, write about us, I don't really care. But if it's about our families, it's not okay.

There was the story about your grandfather, who allegedly shooted around.

BILL: The funny thing is, that this wasn't our grandfather. We even didn't knew this man.

TOM: Just over 20,000 corners. But everbody says, that we're related with him.

BILL: Just like in school. There was then suddenly every girl with us together and each class mates were our best friends. And I should also owe all the people twenty euro.

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