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Translate by Caro:

"Emo is a musical genre, comes from the punk that sell millions of records and leaves hearts broken around the world. Despite, just like that music phenomenon that appear every once in a while that not everybody can understand, the classification is not enough. It make that the band (they call them in a pretty way but idk how to translate that) was classify like emo just bcs the eyeliner.

Scream, was their presentation card to the world (they don't say it like that but was the only way i could say it), they are singing in english. They didn't use that language untill the rocord label and obviously their fans ask them.

Far from sounding like a emo, the songs remind to Linkin Parkand the melodramatic sound of nü Metal. And beyond Bill's Hair and the "Skatecore" clothe, they didn't say anything about their influences.

Overall they talk about the twins, Bill hair, Why their name is Tokio Hotel, how thy met Georg and Gustav and the songs of scream."


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