Tokio hotel: No time for this many prizes

Four boys that just want some peace: Tokio Hotel. Essentially Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg should be working on there third album like crazy.

There focus is now constantly interrupted because of another awardshow.

Tokio hotel can't seem to break out of the celebration of awards. After the Echo, Goldener Kamera and four comet awards Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both18), Gustav Schafer (20) and Georg Listing (21) won a MTV Video Music Award for "Best Newcomer" at the beginning of September 2008 in los Angeles.

After this triumph in America the four boys wanted to lock themselves away in the studio in Hamburg to finally produce there third album. The record company is pressuring a lot - the record has to be released at the same time all over the world ( something that only happens with megastars like Madonna or the Rolling Stones).

But it won't go like that: The four Magdeburgers are now nominated for the MTV Latin Awards (on 16 October in Mexico) and also the MTV Europe Music Awards (on 6 November in Liverpool). Lots of stress on the program.

"It gives us trouble keeping up with that time planning for the third album", tells manager David Jost to Express. With every awardshow ( and Universal expects the four boys to be there) the boys are torn away from the studio and that even when every day now counts.

The Tokio Hotel fans expect some fresh and new "TH-material" for there ears.


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