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"The waiting will maybe seem unbearable for the fans, but their patience will be rewarded; the new Tokio Hotel album, which was supposed to be released in November, will release in the beginning of 2009. But according to the band's manager, "it will be a very rock CD". Happily!

Contrary to what they announced during summer, the next Tokio Hotel album is not going to be released before the holidays, but between January and March 2009. It's the band's manager, David Jost, who recently announced it. It would seem that the CD, which started to be recorded after the band's most recent and glorious american tour, is very inspired but also very rock. At least, that's what the talented quartet's mentor explained: "The sound is tougher than the one in the precedent albums, Bill has had ideas for new songs for a few months, he passes all his free time on writing lyrics." So we reasonably have to expect for the new album to be a masterpiece..."

Posted by: Sasa Petrovic


2008-10-06 @ 07:40:58

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