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The success has taken us by surprise

- PAGE 1: "The most important thing is the communication with our fans". In Germany the girls are crazy for him, in France love him and in US have an entourage of admirers already. But, what's behind this boy with painted face and dyed hair? Find out through this note.

- PAGE 2: Bill is a character that polarizes. There are those who love him and can't stop to screaming if they're close to him and there are those who hate him and stigmatize him. One can argue for or against, but there's no denying that the boy has talent. His style, his charisma and the way he appears on stage are the factors that have caused the success of Tokio Hotel.

He has a big skill to handle with publicity. But if sometimes seems to be a nice and innocent guy, he can also be hard head when it comes to imposing his will. Bill Kaulitz borned the September 1, 1989 in Leipzig in East Germany. When his parents divorced, he went to live with his mother and his twin brother to Magdeburg. Although he getting good grades, the school didn't like him. As they were going to a school in a neighboring village they had been lifted at 5.30 every day and returning home at night.

He always knew that he wanted to be a musician. His girlfriends often don't understand him when he preferred to go to the rehearsal room to play with your group or give concerts, instead of going out with them. But even then he knew that he must work hard to succeed.

Already in the school he dressed in a very provocative way. His style of today is not an effect of an idea of his record or his representative.

He's authentic. From childhood he liked the bizarre clothes. Bill had his first piercing at 13. The idea came to his look at a party for Halloween, the night of witches, when he dressed of vampire. The outfit liked so much that he decided to adapt it to his daily live.

Which is the main inspiration for your songs?

Our world, which affects to us and to our friends, the histories that people tell us and are especially emotional to us.

And what touch you?

Any and all, there's not anything in particular, are situations in the time and make you feel different things. There's when you want to write it.

It's said that you are lonely ..

Always was, it's no much people who knows me well. I'm like I have to be at every moment.

- PAGE 3:

What attracts you of a girl?

Depends of the girl. Not all the women call my attention with the same details. There are girls and girls.

And the girls that more draw your attention?

Those who don't care who I am.

Regarding your brother Tom, it's true that the twins have a special connection?

Totally. The connection between Tom and me is very strong and special. Despite that we seem wearing, in the way we speak and our tastes in many important points we think the same and we take the same decisions. With just look us we know what think or what will say the other. Is very special.

There's no rivalry between you?

Each plays a role and complement us. Since always we've supported us, it would be strange to see us compete.

Even for girls?

(Laughs) Not even for girls. We have our code of loyalty.

What do you do in your free time?

We hardly have free time, fewer and fewer, but whenever we can we take some vacations to relax, although we continue making music .. Most important thing is sleep, sleep a lot, and sometimes, we also go out to party.

You are ready for so fame? How you cope it?

We never did music with the intention of getting famous, only 'cause we're passionate about, and never imagined this. The fame has been a surprise to us and we live it as what it's .. For us the most important thing is the communication with our fans, all the rest is temporary.

Tokio Hotel are at the highest point of their carreer. The price as best newcomer at the MTV video music awards was a sensation. No other German speaking act has ever accomplished this. Now Bill, Tom Georg and Gustav have more plans, In February 2009 a new album will appear. The boys are thinking about new ideas. Even a duet with Miley Cyrus is being a topic of their discussions. With her Tokio Hotel are willing to sing at the awards and make a short video clip. Background: With the song the boys hope to get in to the USA single-charts. For fans good things will come earlier. In November a new TH DVD will appear. Bill: "A cool documentary of our 1000-hotels Europe tour. Everyone will see us backstage and completely without make-up.


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