October 22, 2008 update.

Tokio Hotel plans to treat their fans the first time by launching a new double DVD, titled "Tokio Hotel TV - Caugh On The Camera" and due on December 5 in France. The first disc, called "The History", sees the German group to review and comment on the last twelve months they have gone crazy. The first DVD actually contains all new images released by the singer Bill Kaulitz and his henchmen on Tokio Hotel TV on their official website, and includes several exclusive footage never broadcast, feature stories of four members of the German group.

The first disk proposed "Tokio Hotel TV - Caugh On The Camera", "The History," also offers a series of images and backstage Tokio Hotel in private, conducted in 2007 and 2008, throughout the journeys of the German group in Europe and the USA elsewhere. After the first puck, the second named "The Future" is as unique as it proposes to follow Tokio Hotel in the preparation of their new studio album, which will be released during 2009 to worldwide, including in France on Polydor. The second DVD presents the exclusive German group in privacy during their moments of relaxation between two trips promo and recording their third studio project. Each fan will discover the scenes of the preparation of the new studio album of the Leader Bill Kaulitz and his henchmen, the materialization of ideas in music, writing texts or recording of their original titles.

Finally, the followers of Tokio Hotel will be delighted to hear exclusive excerpts from several models of the new songs of the German group. At a time when the singer Bill Kaulitz and his cronies are caught between promoting their new studio album in English in the USA and recording their third studio album, with worldwide release is expected before summer 2009, their new double DVD released in three versions beginning in December in France on Polydor. First, a standard edition of "Tokio Hotel TV - Caugh On The Camera" is presented. It includes a digest of the contents of the two washers, "The History" and "The Future" on DVD. Then, a deluxe version is valid, it is enriched with the full two DVDs of "Tokio Hotel TV - Caugh On The Camera", "The History" and "The Future". Finally, an edition bundle will be available before the holiday season, it contains the deluxe version of "Tokio Hotel TV - Caugh on the camera and a t-shirt new collector.

Highly anticipated by fans for the first time, this new double DVD is like a cherry on the cake, because in the space of just three years, Tokio Hotel became the German group's most popular in Europe. France is one of the biggest territories Leader Bill Kaulitz and his henchmen, and the German group went events records. Tokio Hotel already has assets in a unique concert at the Eiffel Tower to over 500 000 people, two Palais Omnisports of Paris-Bercy and a huge tour of eleven dates sold out in 48 hours or a concert at " Parc des Princes, "among others. Finally, to date, all albums and

DVDs combined, over one million units were sold on Tokio Hotel in France (Top 3 of best international sales for 2007).


Tokio Hotel in New Zealand Magazine

A fan is showing and reading what it says about Tokio Hotel

VMAs in One Minute video from

Tokio Hotel was nr.5 today on E!'s Daily Ten!

This must have been one of their first performances

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Bill, Tom och Andy Hamburg [14.09.08] Great quality ;]

Hamburg 14.09.08
by Laurettatralala

MTV Germany Interview

Switch - 9.9.2008

VMA After Party med Ryan Seacrest

FNMTV Flashback

In the monstrous melee that was Tokio Hotel's big night at the VMAs, let us not overlook their pre-Best New Artist appearance on the final episode of FNMTV (RIP, June 13 - September 5, 2008).

Watch Bill, Tom, George and Gustav make their VMA predictions (in perfect English!) and express their desires to meet Pink and Danity Kane.

Plus - James Montgomery nearly robs Britney of a VMA and Tim Kash fans the fires of the nearly defunct Jonas-Tokio feud.


Hollywood & Highland Videos

Tokio Hotel's Official YouTube Channel has posted two videos from Tokio Hotel's performance and signing at Hollywood & Highland. One videos is of all the fans waiting to see the boys, and the other is clips from their actual performance.


VMA 2008: Message from Tokio Hotel!

KTLA Los Angeles Interview

Here is a LINK
 to one video and the other one you can see under here ;)

Rolling Stone Interview

Tokio Hotel MTV VMA 2008 Red carpet (Rolling Stones)
by Terushka

CNN VMA Highlights

Miley Cyrus: “Maybe It’s A Wig?”

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Videos

To see Jimmy Kimmel Live go HERE!!

Tokio Hotel - Loud and Dangerous at Paramount


Here is a transcript by dropthetacos!

Tom: Hey Buzzworthy, we are
All: Tokio Hotel
Tom: and we just finished our rehearsals for tomorrow for the VMAs and now we are ready and we, uhm, go back to the hotel, and it was good and I think the next day will be more than good.
Buzzworthy: What are you guys gonna do tonight? Back at the hotel?
Bill: I think we just go back to the hotel and sleeping or chilling at the pool. I don't know, because, uhm, yeah. We need- we really need to sleep because we're so tired and worked the whole day, so ehm, I think, ehm, yeah. It's important to, you know, get some power for the VMAs tomorrow.
Tom: Just relaxing, sleeping eating, stuff like that.
Bill: Yeah.
Tom: We are ready!
Buzzworthy: Cool. Uhm. Who are you guys excited to see tomorrow on the red carpet?
Bill: I really want to see Pink. I mean, she has an awesome voice and I really love her songs and she's performing her new single (?), so...
Tom: But I don't know if we meet somebody at the red carpet, I think it's -
Bill and Tom: more backstage (twin moment)
Tom: or more aftershow party, or something like that.
Buzzworthy: Give me a clue about what you guys are going to wear tomorrow...
Bill: OH! I have no idea right now!
Tom: But I think it's, it's, you know... nothing special.
Bill: No, I think I wake up and then I think, "Okay, what I can wear now", put all my bags (?), and let's see. I don't know.
Buzzworthy: Bill are you gonna do something different to you hair?
Bill: NO!
Buzzworthy: No. Definitely not.
Bill: No, I wake up with this hair, and I go to bed with this hair, so...
Tom: He's born with it, so...
Buzzworthy: Excellent. What have you guys been doing since you've been in LA? What are some of the things you guys have gone to see?
Bill: Oh, Tom and me, we had our birthday in Los Angeles.
Tom: *repeats Bill*
Buzzworthy: Oh right!
Bill: on the first of September. And we were at the beach, and at the pool, and just relaxing with George and Gustav, and...
Tom: Then we had some radio promotion with KISS FM, and stuff like that,
Bill: and we did a signing session.
Buzzworthy: Yeah, at Hot Topic, right?
Bill and Tom: Yeah, Hot Topic.
Tom: We had a small gig, and we played three songs, and yeah. *clap*
Buzzworthy: Did you get any weird fan gifts today? know you had a lot of fans there...
Bill: Oh, everyone send Skittles, you know? (Tom: Yeah...) Because we love Skittles, and now we have... I dont know, 800 pack of Skittles. It's crazy.
Buzzworthy: Cool, uh, any sort of clue... I know there's a big entrance, I know you cant say what it is...
Bill: We can say it is huge,
Georg: It's dangerous,
Bill: Dangerous, and loud, and I think it will be fun


Video Tom and Bill

If you listen very carefully, you understand some parts of it =) Like sixpack, snacks and VMAs!

Screens with Georg =)

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