Liverpool - Nov 6 — Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel will present an award at the EMAs in Liverpool!


Tokio Hotel are nominated for Best Headliner at the EMA's this year! (Link will come later ;] )



MTV 9/8-08

Look what I saw yesterday!

This annoyed me! Wrong album, daah!

Mahah =)



Tokio Hotel gets their award HERE

a31d2025.jpg picture by tokiohotelamerica
MASSVIS med bilder ifrån VMA, bland annat extremt snygga HQ Bilder
finns att se HÄR

Playing "Rock Band"

Monster Truck

Red Carpet

VMA 2008: Behind The Scenes Footage


Really sorry about the delay of all news and stuff but we suddendly got loads of stuff to do...

XO Ica

Tokio Hotel is Best New Artist at the VMA!

So Tokio Hotel won Best New Artist. More stuff later but here are pictures ;) More pictures will also be posted later ;)



These are the different times the VMA's are sent here in Sweden dont know about other countries, will try to find out for you guys ;)

Monday 8/9-08, 02:00
Tuesday 9/9-08, 07:00
Tuesday 9/9-08, 12.30 (VMA winners)
Tuesday 9/9-08, 14:00
Wednesday 10/9-08, 12.30 (VMA Winners)
Thursday 11/9-08, 12.30 (VMA Winners)
Friday 12/9-08, 07:00
Friday 12/9-08, 12.39 (VMA Winners)
Friday 12/9-08, 14:00
Saturday 13/9-08, 11:00-16:00(VMA Weekend)
Saturday 13/9-08, 20:00
Sunday 14/9-08, 11:00 - 16:00 (VMA Weekend)
Sunday 14/9-08, 23:00



UK: Monday 8/9-08, 20:00
Norway: Monday 8/9-08, 02:00
                Tuesday 9/9-08, 07:00
                Tuesday 9/9-08, 14:00
                Saturday 13/9-08, 11:00-15:30 (VMA Weekend)
                Saturday 13/9-08, 14:00
                Sunday 14/9-08, 11:00 - 15.30 (VMA Weekend)
                Sunday 14/9-08, 23:00

That's the ones I've found now!! For more information go to your countries MTV site!!


No, don't worry. Tom didn't shave his head. The latest update from VMA HQ here inside the Crosby Building at the Paramount is that Tokio Hotel will be presenting an award at the 2008 VMAs! Viva la Deutschland, y'all!

Also, another little tidbit McNugget for you: Tokio Hotel is going to be pulling up to the VMA red carpet in a most outlandish set of wheels. No, not a Maybach. Think American... Very American... And it's not the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, though that could be the greatest image ever.

Watch the VMA pre-show at 8pm to see what your all-time favorite German band rolls up in.

Buzzworthy: Will TH Get The Best Seats In The House?

Spotted: Tokio Hotel's VMA seat cards set up inside Stage 16. Oh mein gotte x4!

Stay up-to-date on everything about the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards at, and don't miss the big show Sunday (September 7) at 9 p.m. ET/PT or the pre-show red carpet coverage that starts at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

WOW they get to chairs each xP or something xD



For those that dont know, Tokio Hotel will not perform at the VMA's!

If you want to know when its sent in your country just send us and e-mail or a comment and we'll answer as quick as we can ;)


I just got to know when the VMA's are going to be sent and at what time!

7th September - (night Sunday-Monday) 02-05 (Swedish time)
                                                                         01-04 (English time)
                                                                         20-23 (New York, US)

If you want to know when its sent in your country just write a comment and we'll tell you ; )

VMA Best New Artist Playlist Imeem Intro by Tokio Hotel

TMF Awards

Tokio Hotel are nominated at the TMF Awards 2008:
International Best Album (Zimmer 483 Live In Europe)
International Best Video (Don't Jump)
International Best Live
International Best Pop
International Best Rock

You can vote for them right here.

cred to =)

Kids Choice Awards!

Go here to vote for TH in the Kids Choice Awards! Lets show them which band has got the most fans!

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