The Ramsus talks about Tokio Hotel


Interviewer: What do you think about the band Tokio Hotel?

Lauri: We love them .... I think ... I don't know too much about this band ...

Interviewer: Are they big in Finland?

Lauri: Yeah! I think that they're quite huge in Finland. But there're only one thing that I know for sure that they stole our rift.

Interviewer: Which one?

Lauri: It's a song called "Spring Nicht", yeah... It's exactly like a rift in our song "Not Like the Other Girls"... Actually we got that from the fans... The Rasmus's fans . They send us... they made like a video where they edited those two songs after each other.

Interviewer: Very interesting...

Lauri: Yes! ... I wish all the best for the band.. I think they have a good atittude and... some talent to get very far.

This was nice said, don't you think so?


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