"I admire Tokio Hotel"

What a flatter! The world star Nicole is animated with Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav!
Who would ever think of that? Nicole Sherzinger (30), singer of The Pussycat Dolls and a superstar said she was fan of a German band: Tokio Hotel!
Exclusively for a BRAVO interview, she confesses: "I totally admire the boys! They're amazing!" How did she ever pay attention to Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg? "At the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 in Munich!" she tells excited. At the big event in last November, the four boys from Magdeburg met the American singer and chat at the After-Show-Party. In February, Nicole went to one of their concerts in Los Angeles/California. "The boys are great! I love their concerts!"
Now, they finally met again: at the MTV Video Music Awards 2008 in Los Angeles, where Tokio Hotel won the award for Best New Artist. Once again, the 30 year old was amazed with the boys "I think they're incredibly talented. The boys are so fresh, so different and young. That's really cool!" So cool that even makes the singer think about working with Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg: "I was once member of a rock band. So, I can imagine myself making a rock song with them!"
And what does the singer thinks about their career in America? Will they have this great success? "They've just been in the USA. However, they already have much success here. I'm very proud of them!" Wow - and that said by a Pussycat Doll!
Right now, she and her girls have success all over the world: with the single "when I grow up" from the new album "Doll Domination".
Maybe soon, Nicole will be at Top Ten with a new rock song, as co-singer of Tokio Hotel...
Translated by Ines @ tokiohotel.org.uk

Source: German BRAVO nr.40/2008

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