Bravo nr.40/2008

Germany, France, England or the U.S.: No matter where the guys show up - everywhere the same scenes: fans, who totally freak out, who scream the names Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (21), who can sing the songs along. Many TH-fans go even further, making clear offers their darlings - for example on gross poster slogans: "F**k me through the monsoon" or "Tom, we want to give you a blow job" are almost harmless. In the fifth part of the great BRAVO-series, the boys reveal exclusively what there's real - between them and the fans.

BRAVO: What are you saying about the partial hard slogans of your fans?

TOM: I think it's cool, that our fans are so directly (grins).

BILL: That makes our fans. But to be honest: Initially, we were sometimes short of breath.

BRAVO: What were the most beautiful experiences so far with your fans?

BILL: The first gig after "Durch den Monsun" was published - and suddenly so many fans were singing the song along. The concert had even canceled, because the crowd was too big. This has overwhelmed me!

TOM: Just until we were in Mexico. Once we had about two hours to write autographs. The fans were so touched, and many have even cred, just because we were there. It was so gross. We were also previously been in the South American countries and didn't know, that we are so known. And suddenly there were thousands of people. It was really unbelievable.

BRAVO: Were there once really gross situations with fans?

TOM: Oh yes. In Madrid once the situation was out of control. Gustav went into his hotel room. But in his bed were already fans. They were fallen Gustav directly around his neck and he has become so frightened. At Bills and my room were already quite a lot in front of the door. They constantly knocked, they climbed up the fire brigade, have totally screamed.

BILL: Then suddenly the police appeared. They have entered the door and drag me out of the room. "Are you Bill Kaulitz?" they have screamed. Then they took my hands together, interrogated me and claimed that I was responsible for the chaos. The problem was: They couldn't speak English, they only spoke Spanish. I hardly understood anything. Then Tom tried to contact our security people. When they arrived, the matter could be resolved. The police really wanted to take me to their police station.

BRAVO: But here, the fans went too far, or?

BILL: Well, that was traumatic and violent.

TOM: But since we were holding on as a band - then it bothers us really not. That's just a part of it and makes us not be afraid or so. While it was already gross, but also actually funny again. But if we are at home, we're glad about tranquility. Then we're not giving autographs and taking photos. But if we're on the road, we're doing this for sure.

BRAVO: Were you already nasty to your fans?

TOM: So we would never be knowingly nasty to our fans. They are too important for us.

BILL: We certainly never wanted to do something nasty to them. We love them. But everyone has a bad day and looks bad. Sometimes we just couldn't give everyone an autograph. Then we're in stress and must continue to the next appointment. We're constantly on the road for our fans and we're for sure no assholes.

BRAVO: Hand on the heart - were there also some embarrassing moment with your fans?

TOM: Nope. Only once, a girl wanted to come with me to my hotel room and fell down on the way.

BILL: Or the scene at the airport: There were girls screaming "We want to f**k you" - right in the dead silence there. That was then embarrassing, but more for them.

BRAVO: Tom, how many groupies did you have had in your bed?

TOM: Hmmm, that's really difficult to say. I don't count.

BILL: Yeah, but he has such a clicker (laughs)!

TOM: What I can say, I had more often a woman in my bed than I was on the toilet (laughs loud). No, nonsense! Now seriously: I'm even become somewhat quieter.

BRAVO: That means ... ?

TOM: I still don't get it by myself - but perhaps with 19 I already rejected the horns. Not that sex would become boring. But I also prefer watching a DVD in the evening. The other is indeed very strenuous (grins). Meanwhile, I could even imagine something stronger. But the girl really would have to strike me.

BRAVO: And how about the groupies by Georg and Gustav? Are they so wildly like Tom?

TOM: As far as we know, there is nothing (laughs)!

BILL: There are no guys, which represent a girl. Gustav had at the beginning of our career a girlfriend. But even then was nothing more.

TOM: Georg is doing so as if he were a macho. But he prefers it, when she's offensive.

BILL: Inside, he's dirty but outwardly too shy.

TOM: You have to show him what's happening. There were for sure already some girls, who liked him and the other way too. But none did the first step. With me it's different - I belong to the hunters and collectors.

BRAVO: And what about you, Bill - there was still no kiss for you?

BILL: No, not yet. That totally makes me really sad. I'm 19 now and that's missing me completely. I'd really like to have a girlfriend, with whom I could share my life, whom understands everything, what I do. Although I have Tom. But I absolutely want a girlfriend.

BRAVO: But the offer is huge for you?

BILL: It's difficult to open yourself to someone. I have no time, I'm always on the road. When I meet on a after-show-party girls, I never know what they really want. I also see in the near future no way - that's bad. But I still have the music, this is my backup. And dogs are my substitutes. Sometime, I want to have many dogs. They make me happy.


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