"We wouldn't cope the end of Tokio Hotel"

"We wouldn't cope the end of Tokio Hotel"

In the last part of the Tokio-Hotel-series are the guys very thoughtful!

Full halls, front charts-places, prices on the assembly line, millions of fans all over the world - currently Tokio Hotel are absolute high-flyers. But every now and then, Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (21) think about the time after the hype. So much for them is clear: A life without their band, no one of them can't imagine this: "Tokio Hotel is our life," says Bill. "Would the band be at the end, a piece of us would die. I can't imagine anything else," he says. And Tom adds: "We don't live in a dream bubble, and know that sometimes other people in the charts will be ahead ahead. It's clear to us." Do the boys have fear for havong a crahs? "We wouldn't cope that," says Bill. "We gave everything up for the band - a normal life is just hardly possible. But we won't take drugs in any case. Sure, it's always easy said in the run-up. You never know. But we will solve this differently." But to think about the end of the band, is not to think at the moment. The boys are currently working on her third album. "That's something very new," says Tom. "And we also fiddle about a surprise for our German fans"

De Popcorn #11: Finally a new album!

Trees, bushes, spiders, snakes and all other kind of bugs, the biggest horror for the twins. Bill and Tom hate the free nature and have fear for all, that itches and crawls. Bill: We are complete "drinnis?", we live in the city, go through the city and laying on a beach underneath the sun. When we do it is pure torture. I constantly have fear, that at night cockroaches and spiders will crawl to me!

Finally, a new album in February! Tokio Hotel are at the highest point of their carreer. The price as best newcomer at the MTV video music awards was a sensation. No other German speaking act has ever accomplished this. Now Bill, Tom Georg and Gustav have more plans, In February 2009 a new album will appear. The boys are thinking about new ideas. Even a duet with Miley Cyrus is being a topic of their discussions. With her Tokio Hotel are willing to sing at the awards and make a short video clip. Background: With the song the boys hope to get in to the USA single-charts. For fans good things will come earlier. In November a new TH DVD will appear. Bill: "A cool documentary of our 1000-hotels Europe tour. Everyone will see us backstage and completely without make-up". "Tom didn't occur we had won an award, he checked Britney's breasts the entire time", Bill.

Los Premios Update: METALLICA Ready To Set Fuego On-Stage!

We didn't stutter! Metallica is ripping their heavy metal vibrations back to la tierra for Los Premios MTV Latin America 2008 on October 16th!

As the headlining band, the "Death Magnetic" legends are guaranteed to resurrect los muertos from their sleep (especially Mexican bassist Rob Trujillo)! Los Premios is going to definitely awake your roquero spirit with performances by Cafe Tacuba, Ximena Sariñana, Katy Perry, Julieta Venegas, Paramore, Tokio Hotel, Belanova, just to name a few!

What you actually want us to just stop there? NEGATIVE! We have a música overdose prepared with additional performances from blazin' Boricua duo Calle 13! Their caliente addictive beats are sure to get la fiesta poppin', and Mexican rock band Moderatto is sure to keep the energy flowing with their tight "Chavo de Onda" performance.

Even the red carpet is getting an MTV makeover! Colombian artist Don Tetto will be dominating the catwalk with a fresh espectáculo at "La Afombra de Los Premios MTV 2008." Be sure to brush up on your head boppin' movimientos and jarabe tapatío because you know our fiestas are no joke! Catch Los Premios LIVE on MTV Tr3s on October 16th at 9pm!

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