Rick Astley's MTV Award Hacked, With Pleasure

I just took a cut out of this one to but to read the rest go HERE

Wired.com: Why are you doing this?

Vote4Rick: There are several reasons. First, Rick is a great artist. He's deserving of the award because of what "Never Gonna Give You Up" has become for the Internet community. It's an anthem of harmless fun. Second, apart from U2 and Rick, none of the other artists could be classified as "Best Act Ever." If we were being serious for a second, there would be acts like The Beatles and The Stones, but instead we have Britney Spears and Tokio Hotel? It's a sham. I've been involved in this from the very beginning, even with the nomination campaign, so it would be a shame to see all that work by people go to waste.

Next week on Phoenix Radio Tokio Hotel will be there. (104.7 KISS FM )

Just so all of you guys know, the One Magazine interview is FAKE!! So nothing in it has been said by Tom, Bill, Georg och Gustav. So the thing that Tom "said" about Miley Cyrus is also FAKE! Don't be mad at us since we didn't know this earlier.


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