MTV Buzzworthy: Tokio Hotel's October Tour Dates + Your TH Shopping List

You puhrobably already know Tokio Hotel's (R)oc(k)tober mini-tour dates, you probably already have tickets, and those of you on the West Coast (how are things on the West Coast anyway?) probably already have plane tickets/ bus tickets/ new walking shoes for the long hike across the country.

October 24th // Orlando, FL // House of Blues

October 26th // Atlanta, GA // Tabernacle

October 29th // Philadelphia, PA // The Electric Factory

October 30th // New York City, NY // Roseland Ballroom

So, next question, since the shows are thisclose to Halloween (coincidence?), are you dressing up for the show, and if ja, what are you going as? A helicopter pilot? Meijer employee? Nicole Scherzinger?

AND how many bags of Skittles are you bringing? Toilet paper? Bathroom air freshener? A miniature bathtub? Work with me here...

Anyway, enter the T-Mobile Los Premios MTV 2008 Casting Call for a chance to see Tokio Hotel at Los Premios MTV 2008, and watch Tokio Hotel's brand-new tour video announcement, and then watch Interpol's "The Heinrich Maneuver" video (Interpol was one of my pre-Tokio Hotel loves), because I think it's no fairsies that the West Coast got the shaft, even though I know Tokio Hotel loves L.A.


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