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For all the fans of the band, I give you an interview you'll love... A few weeks ago we celebrated at Gran Concierto 97.7 and I had the chance of going to the backstage to interview Tokio Hotel in German! Well, here it is...

Arturo: Hello boys, how are you? Bill: Very good! We had a lot of fun at the concert, the fans were crazy and we were happy! Arturo: How were you as students, when you weren't in tune with music? Bill: I have to tell you I don't like school at all, (...) I think it was the worst parto f my life. *laughs* Arturo: How did you feel on this concert in Mexico? What did you think about the girls? Gustav: Very good, we had an autograph session where they welcomed us so well, they're an amazing audience! Arturo: In a group of friends there's always someone who arrives later or who falls asleep (...) Bill: Well, Georg always arrives late. Georg: That's not true! *laughs* I think I'm working on it. Arturo: Sometimes, when you're travelling, some things happen or someone has a teddy bear, can you explain me that? Bill: We've been through a lot in the hotels... the girls climb to the balconies and sometimes with no clothes on! Arturo: Oh! Now I know why you're called Tokio Hotel! *laughs* Tom: ... Well, all of us love big cities, and for that we chose Tokyo... Arturo: Mexico is a big city... you could be called Mexico City Hotel, no? Bill: *laughs* We chose the Hotel because we have this dream of travelling and visiting many countries. Arturo: What's next, after being here in Mexico? Bill: We'll be at the MTV Latinoamerica in Guadalajara, wow! Arturo: I really appreciated that you came to Gan Concierto 97.7 Tom (in Spanish): Muchas gracias! (Thank you very much) Arturo: Do you know any other word in Spanish? Gustav: Cómo estás, Chica? (How are you, girl?) Bill: I don't know. Tom: Viva México! Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg had fun in Mexico, they drove their fans crazy during an autograph session and then we had the opportunity to talk with them! Unforgettable!

Here they come! More than 3,500 fans met at a square in Mexico City to meet Tokio Hotel, and only 2000 bracelets were given, with the buy of the last album Scream, and by the end only 1200 CD's got their covers signed, which caused confusion among many fans, some of them even ripped of the posters and part of the stage! Oops! Emotions found... The fans showed their admiration through many ways: they sang by heart the lyrics, and they also jumped of excitement and other cried really hard (...). They said... On the day after the autograph session, these boys talked with the media and told us what was going on with them... super cool! From Germany to Mexico! Despite setbacks, these boys behaved so well, never took away the smile on their faces and they were really surprised with the response from their audience, what let them more relieved!

Consent to the fans... How did you feel? Bill: Very good, we had the opportunity to meet many girls and we weren't expecting so much love. It was awesome! Two thousand bracelets were delivered, but only 1200 autographs were given; why was that? Bill: It was bad and I feel sorry for hearing about it, the record company told us that there were only 50 autographs missing, and that we should finish it immediately, for safety reasons. During the autograph session a lot of fans fainted and cried, does that ruin the good mood? Bill: No, on the contrary, we like to see when people are hysteric for us, that gives us a lot of energy that we can use on stage. Very internationals... Why did you decide to record your lyrics in English and in German? Tom: We wanted everyone to understand our lyrics, and English is the universal language. Are you preparing your next performance for the MTV Latin? Tom: We haven't decided anything yet, but it's something where we can show you something amazing. When will you be back to our country, for a concert? Tom: We know it will be soon, we really liked being here. Which artist would destroy your album? Tom: That shouldn't happen for any reason, I think we must respect any type of music. A phenomenon... Do you think you're ambassadors of German rock? Tom: We've never thought that, but everything can happen. German bands are known for being "cold", however, seems like you have something Latin, what do you think of that? Bill: There's no way that we won't greet and smile if we're happy for being here, for meeting new countries and cultures, and thanks for considering us a bit Latin, maybe you're right! *laughs* Which message do you want to tell with your lyrics? Tom: We don't want to tell anything specific, all tracks are different, we just want people to have fun while listening to them. Secrets of the twins... Bill, tell us about your bizarre look, do you get inspiration from someone? Bill: Around 8 years old I went to a Halloween party and since then I started trying some hairdos and make-up, they're part of my personality! Once twins, when did it all changed between Tom and Bill? Bill: Until when we were 6 y/o we looked pretty much the same and only after that we started on changing the clothing, but we've always been too similar on the inside. Did you ever switch personalities to be with girls? Tom: Yes, once we even dated the same girl, but I kissed her first! *laughs* Translated by Ines @


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