Interview with Tokio Hotel in Mexico.

Translation by pwrpuffgrl@THA.

Guy: How are you feeling here in Mexico?
Bill: We're very happy, we had a lot of fun onstage and we're just so happy to be here.

Guy: How did you get together as a band?
Tom: We met Georg and Gustav when we were 7 years old, we were together in various projects when we were younger, all of them had to do with music. Eight years ago we came together as a formal band.

Guy: How was your life as students in school?
Bill: It wasn't the best period of our lives, to be honest. Our grades weren't the best at all, they weren't bad but sometimes we got grounded because of them. Our time at school was never the best.

Guy: How do you see and feel all the mexican girls?
Tom: We are very happy to see all the girls, yesterday we saw around 5000 people at the autograph signing, that was great. Their welcome has been awesome.

Guy: In every group of friends there's always the slob, the leader, the one whose always late. Who are these people in the band?
Bill: Georg is always late.
Guy: Georg is saying that it isn't true...
Georg: I'm getting better in being on time.
Gustav: I'm the relaxed one.
Tom: I'm the sex symbol.

Guy: There are always embarrassing moments while you travel. Any moment you'd like to share?
Bill: We have a lot of embarrassing moments but what we always have are girls that sneak up to our hotel room, climbing two floors just to get to us from the outside.

Guy: We know you a little here in Mexico but we would like to know more. Why Tokio Hotel? You guys are from Germany.
Bill: We like big cities so we thought Tokio could be appropiate.

Guy: Well, Mexico City is a big city. You can name the band Mexico City Hotel
*everyone laugh*
Bill: And since traveling around the world was our dream, we chose the word hotel

Guy: What are your plans after Mexico?
Bill: We're flying to L.A. to continue the tour tonight and for the VMAs, we are nominated two times.

Guy: Thanks so much for coming. In two days is your, what are you doing?
Tom: We don't know yet but it will surely be dirty!

*Then the guy starts talking about they make a concert for the station every year since 20 years ago and that they are honored to have TH*

Guy: Thanks again.
Tom: Muchas gracias.

Guy: Any words in spanish?
Gustav (yes, it's him): Como esta chica.
Tom: Hola. Muchas gracias. Te quiero puta (puta is an offensive word so obviously the guy didn't translate that hahaha)
Georg: No.
Bill: Viva Mexico!


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