Official Kansas Tokio Hotel Street Team - FanAction!!!

Official Kansas Tokio Hotel Street Team - FanAction!!!

Hilary and Kristen from Official Kansas Tokio Hotel Street Team  here at Myspace have started planning a super fun Fan Action

Here is what they have so far:

FAN ACTION starting ideas


Date: July 11th or 18th. It will be open to all fans, not just fans in Kansas.

Held at: Hilary's church since we will be able to get more people then instead of a movie theater and the room will be free.

All the money we raise will be donated to the Forgotten childrens foundation.

We will be selling candy; Skittels, anything gummy, hershey bars or kisses and suckers

We will be selling drinks; coca-cola, red bull and water

Tokio Hotel goodie bags will cost $6 and they will have a necklace, candy, stickers and other things.

Kristen is going to be making necklaces that we will be selling for $2 or $3 each

We will be doing a Tokio Hotel sing along  and we will be taking pictures to make a scrapbook for the boys

We are thinking about having t-shirts so everyone can remember this awsome fan action.

The room will be decorated with Tokio Hotel posters and other things.

We will be doing 2 or 3 raffels,
Each ticket to enter will be $1

1 bag of skittels and a Tokio Hotel tshirt from Hot Topic


1 bag of skittles and the new Tokio Hotel CD


1 bag of skittles and some posters

We will have food set out for everyone so far we have fruti loops, cheez-its and popcorn

We were also thinking of making this an all day event and if we do the tickets we are going to have made will be like $2 or $3 dollars more and we will be buying pizza for lunch

We are making passes as your ticket in and they are going to be a supries to everyone and no one will see them tell the day of the event.

So let us know what you think and if you can think of anything else for food let us know and we will put it down.

Hilary and Kristen"

Posted by: Anonym

Hej du underbara människa, vill du ha gratis kläder?!

Du bestämmer själv hur mycket kläder du vill ha. Det enda du behöver göra är att klicka på länken här nedan och bli medlem. Det är hur enkelt som hellst, all info står på sidan. Det är till och med gratis att bli medlem!

2008-10-05 @ 17:26:52

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