MTV Europe Music Awards Get Rickrolled, Tokio Hotel Fans Get PISSSSED! (From Buzzworthy)

Move over ye few remaining aggro Jonas Brothers fans. The latest crop of Internet trolls taking on Tokio Hotel fans are... Rick Astley fans. Yes. For. Reals. The 42-year-old British pop singer, best known for his 1987 cheeseball soul-pop hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" - and, indirectly, for the obnox act of Rickrolling (which, again, I insist would be way more fun if it were RickRossRollin) - is up for a 2008 MTV Europe Award in the same category as Tokio Hotel. Yes. For. Reals.

Along with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, and U2, Rick Astley and Tokio Hotel are nominated for the Best Act Ever award. That's no small kartoffeln for a band as young as Tokio Hotel. And it's proof that Rick Astley fans, who got him nominated by an open write-in process (even the Ricker himself didn't see the nomination coming) truly can't give up on the Conan O'Brien lookalike. Or the dream. Or the meme. That, or, they just want to know what the simultaneous heartbreak of millions of Tokio Hotel fans sounds like if underdog Astley does in fact pull through. (And sorry, but Britney REALLY deserves it too. Epic comeback, y'all!)

And there's actually a chance that Rick Astley could take it - allegedly his fans have been voting en masse and bombing Tokio Hotel message boards with spam and porn (how woode!), causing some Tokio site admins to temporarily suspend their forums, which is like taking food away from a puppy!

Even if Rick Astley does win, and despite the fact that he's sold in the ballpark of 40 million records over the course of his career, it's safe to say he's not exactly the next Bill Kaulitz or anything, as suggested by the obviously doctored photo above.

Anyway, Rick Astley fans, you kids play nice with Tokio Hotel fans! And may the best man, men, or women win when the EMAs air Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008 in Liverpool.


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