These girls want to kiss Bill Kaulitz These girls want to kiss Bill Kaulitz

Bill doesn't kiss since three years ago - something he should change soon!

Since last Friday is looking for a girlfriend for the singer of Tokio Hotel. And, the results are more than what was expected! Many girls competed and sent Bill their photos and letters. Every competitor want the same: to kiss Bill!

The User "bienewed" says: "Dear Bill, I hope you read my letter. My wildest dream is to get to know you better! You're incredibly fascinating and you have such a big aura!"On the BRAVO magazine, Tokio-Bill told he didnt kiss for three years now.

The 19 y/o singer believes he knows the reason for that: "I'm not a player", according to Kaulitz.However, he shouldn't lose hope. On the contrary: on, the girls sent tons of affections to Tokio-Bill!

The User "BillsFreundin" can imagine herself giving more than a harmless kiss: "Bill, I want to kiss you, but that's not all: I even want to share my whole life with you."

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